Schleich Pick Up and Driver


How awesome is the Schleich Pick Up and Driver.

The pick-up is the perfect off-road vehicle for the farm. You can use it to tow trailers and transport just about anything. The pick-up with driver is a rugged off-road vehicle with many functions. Anything a farmer needs can be transported on its large bed: animals, food, transport boxes and anything you can think of. Quads and motorcycles can also be loaded onto the bed using the ramp (included). Naturally, the pick-up is also the perfect tractor vehicle for the Schleich horse trailer. With the great steering function, it safely takes the driver anywhere he needs to go.

Suitable for 3 years +. Item size: 11.02 × 4.53 × 4.33 inch (W/D/H) of course also see the Schleich Horse Box as the ideal combination.


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