Schleich Haflinger Mare


Meet the Schleich Haflinger Mare.

Schleich Haflinger Mare Fact File:

Haflingers are popular horses for sport and leisure. They were originally destined for both agricultural and wood-land works, particularly in mountainous areas.Haflinger are commonly used as sport and leisure horses, but also for agricultural purposes.

Haflingers were bred in Italy and Austria, yet their exact origin is unknown. This breed, living in the mountainous areas, was used for forestry and farming purposes as well as for transportation. Today, in dressage shows and other competitions they are popular riding horses for adults. They stand between 1.30 and 1.50 metres high and demonstrate a well-balanced, cool-headed power. Being the most attractive and adaptable European breed, Haflinger horses represent a successful combination of other breeds.

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