Schleich Feed Set


NEW TO THE RANGE – The Schleich Feed Set is a great addition to any collection, as we all know hay, straw, carrots and many more – this is what makes horses happy. Did you know an adult horse feeds on approx. 10 kg of hay, every day.

Every horse has its favorite food. That is why it is recommended to have a special treat for each of these noble animals. Hay, straw, carrots and every now and then an apple, nearly every horse loves a treat like that. Happy feeding!

2 × Crates for Feed
2 × Green apples
2 × Red apples
2 × Carrots
1 × Sack of Oats
1 × Sack of Pellets
2 × Straw
2 × Hay
1 × Set of broom and hay fork

3+ years

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