Schleich Falabella Foal


Meet the Schleich Falabella Foal.

Resembling its relatives in miniature, Falabellas wear spots and solids. Falabellas are about as tall as average yard fences.

Hailing from South America, the Falabella stands proudly as one of the smallest miniature horses. A mix of bloodlines originally descending from Iberian breeds, the Falabella is named after one of its breeders. Proportioned similar to its progenitors, Falabellas have a glossy coat and a slender frame. These miniature horses are shown in hand and driving carts. Adhering to standards, these miniatures measure approximately thirty inches. At birth, foals are only eight inches tall but reach their adult height in just two years!

Item size: 1.77 × 0.79 × 1.57 inch (W/D/H)

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